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Friday, August 9, 2013


The Editor

In life there's always hindrances and we can never avoid it. There are many things to consider and there are factors that affecting us. How can we avoid such things when most of us did know how to accept realities and practicability in life? I wonder why there are many instances that we may think of our emotions and feelings. It is hard to balance the mind and heart one at a time. There are people getting hurt in making decisions and there are people getting happy of such one big decision. How can I think of many decisions that I want to achieved in life if all of it are not reachable at all times. The fact that we live in this cruel world, we cannot avoid to think harder for the sake of everybody. As if we are going to destroy ourselves for that one decision or as if we are going to sacrifice ourselves for the happiness of others. The decisions are always came to us and we can never blame others for that. Its us who are to blame, but in choosing our own freedom of being loved and to be loved, we must consider the feelings of others. 

The heart that is put in the center of our body is the most precious one. Nevertheless, the mind that is on above of our head is just a facilitator to our emotions and feelings. But to weigh things between the two essential part of our body, I would prefer to internalized  my feeling and emotions because it makes me feel great and happy if my heart filled with satisfaction. We only live once and we can never get back our lives to correct our mistakes. Live life to the fullest while you breathe.!